REATEC® Temperature- Indicators Standard Strips

The standard strips have been designed for use under normal, clean and dry conditions which ensure that the indicator points do not come in contact with grease, oils, solvents or moisture. Contact with these substances could lead to a fake color change.

The self- adhesive strip with 10 elements measure 5 x 95 mm (can be supplied (non-adhesive).

The grading increments of the indicators range between 3-7°C; increments of 2°C can be supplied for part segmentation (see table).

Table Ranges  (subject to change)

(subject to change)

Strip with narrow increments
not available as P-Type

REATEC Type P Temperature-Indicator Strips

Ranges P3A, P04 and P41 will be fully sealed only if the covering adhesive foil measuring 25 x 105 mm is carefully stuck on a clean surface. (25 x 110mm)

Type P indicator strips are less sensitive to compression. They are therefore particulary suitable for applications on presses, calandar cylinders, etc.

Strips with narrow increments are not available in REATEC Type P.

Table Ranges Type P  (subject to change)

Indicator Points

Mini Individual Points, 5 x 7 mm

Available for all temperatures listed. From 37.8°C to 264°C paper backed

Indicator Points, 17 x 17 mm

can be supplied for list temperatures of  37.8°C to 121°C. They correspond to Type P.

Indicator Points, round

are not supplied in standard design, but may be ordered custom engineerd Indicator points are used mainly in applications where a defined maximum temperature is to be shown, e.g. with electronic components, in electrical distributors (transition resistance), etc.

Custom-Designed REATEC® Temperature-Indicators-Indicators

Help rationalising costs. For instance, they can be designed as indicator points on a continuous strip for automatic application to prefabricated parts, or they can be supplied in shapes, colors an imprints individually specified. They will always be adapted to requirements.