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REATEC® temperature-indicators measure temperatures within the range of 37.8°C and 264°C. Apply to a clean surface, after removing the protective paper from the back. If the temperature reaches an indicated value, the corresponding element will show an irreversible color change to black.
Several temperature measurement points are combined on each strip. The combinations cover a range from approx. 60°C, 40°C or 20°C in 10 assembly levels.

Tolerance: ± l % of the indicated temperature. (Warming up 2°C/min).

Reaction time is about 1- 3 seconds.

REATEC® temperature-indicators are an important alternative to thermometers.

They can be used for applications where thermometers fail owing to their size, rigidity, shock sensitivity or for other reasons. Easy to use, even in inaccessible places.

Keep dry and cool.

Standard REATEC® should be used only under dry conditions, free of oil, grease, water, detergents etc. if contact with such materials is necessary, use REATEC® P indicators.

Over a long period near to the temperature indicated, an element may turn grey.

For a permanent control, the strips should be changed from time to time.